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I was born in Newark, NJ, raise in East Orange, N.J., and now live in Elizabeth, NJ. I attended (AI) Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to study film and video production in 1990. At the Art Institute, I learn to use editing and animation skills. In 1996, I enter in Union County College in Cranford and Elizabeth, NJ. At UCC, I was going for Multi-Media Development. My first film class protect was “What is Hip-Hop?”, the film was expressing the important elements of Hip-Hop. Rhymes, Beats, Graffiti, and DJs are the most important elements that express culture of the inner city. The film was screened at Union County College film festival; also the film was enjoyed and entertaining. However there were others who criticize the film, because of their views. At times I was criticized because I  wanted to expand the film, so people can understand the true elements of hip-hop to a large area.



When I graduated from Union County College in 2000. I first started out doing some freelance/volunteer work with Comcast Cable Company Inc. and Cablevision in Union New Jersey for a year. 

I attended New Jersey City University in 2002. At New Jersey City University, I had did numerals of short film showcases and Mutli-media film protects such as “Ghost”, “Stranger”, “Office Gossip”, “Vision of Arts”, and last two films which was shown at the last Urban Images festivals of 2005 in addiction in 2006 was  “My Urban Image” and “From Africa, To Hip-Hop the Senior class film showcase. In May 2006,


I graduated from New Jersey City University in Media Arts. Also I had attended college at (CUNY) City College of New York in Multi-Media, studied web design, web programming, graphic design, and media arts. In 2009, I  had left the four years of college to start volunteer for Americorps, the Brooklyn Bodega Hip-Hop Festival, Mind Alliance at Hunter College, Green Festival, Figment Festival, DREAMTIME Festival, MAY DAY in NYC, the Pride Parade, Dance Parade, Creation Nation, Brooklyn Wildlife, Mermaid Parade, Burning Man events, and the New York Village Halloween Parade, Cupid's Undie Run. Also I had two films screen at the Urban Image Film Festival, “A Global War for Life” and “No Education, No Job, No Future, just Corporation”. Now I’m attending college back to  (UCC) Union County College to take course classes and doing photography/videography for events, festivals, parades, and parties in the NJ and NYC area. 


Also, I received a Certificate of Appreciation award Urban Image Showcase Film 2012, also another award in 2015 ART KARTEL 2nd Annual award for photography. Also received certificate of Completion in Secrets of Photography 2016 and my photos published in NEW YORK POST photograph article on Figment NYC 2018.

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